Holiday homes where you can relax and also rejuvenate

If you are on a tour to New Zealand, make it a point to visit the Wanaka Summer resort city. This resort city is located on the southern side of popular Lake Wanaka. Interestingly, the resorts are ideally suited for both summer and winter season. In fact, the popular rugby star Ben Smith stayed in one of the Wanaka holiday homes for little over two and half months.

Attractions available for the tourists:

This highlights the popularity of the holiday homes in this resort town of Wanaka. These holiday homes are nothing but your home away from home.  The semi continental climate, wonderful views of the mountains and rich vegetation supported by Wanaka river are some of the factors that attract the visitors to this unique resort town.

Keep away from the city:

Wanaka is one of the most preferred tourist spots in New Zealand. The Wanaka holiday homes are surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and it would be a pleasure to stay in such resorts. The town is less commercialized and therefore, the town is ideal for those who want to spend their holiday far away from the bustling activities of the city.

Details of the accommodation:

The town offers varieties of accommodation options like service apartments, holiday homes, resorts, villas and even chalets. Many tourists prefer holiday homes in Wanaka because these offer comfortable accommodation. The holiday homes have a lobby, living room, bedrooms en-suite, dining room and kitchen. The holiday homes have enough space to park your car. Many of the holiday homes provide closed car parking facility so as to ensure safety of your car. Some of the holiday homes also have roof garden and even private swimming pools.

Utilities available:

Further, the holiday homes provide every utility so as to make you feel comfortable. Some of the utilities available in the holiday homes of Wanaka are television, telephone, WiFi, computer with the Internet, fully equipped kitchen, comfortable furniture, air conditioner (optional) and washing machine and even vacuum cleaner. Goodstays

Perfectly maintained:

The Wanaka holiday homes are maintained in a perfect hygienic condition. In addition to this, you would also enjoy the hospitality of the staff members of the holiday home. The holiday homes are so strategically located that every public utility service is available at a walking distance. If you want to prepare your exclusive holiday recipe, the staff of holiday home is willing to assist you in making all the necessary purchases from the nearest mall.

Discount on rentals:

The holiday homes are available with varying accommodation options like, for example, single bedroom, two bedrooms and so on. There are holiday homes with five to six bedrooms! The rental of holiday homes depends on the type of accommodation and various other factors. If you are staying for longer duration, then the holiday homes may even offer you a considerable amount of discount. Some of the holiday homes even offer you an off season discount.

Book your accommodation:

Considering the number of tourists visiting Wanaka, it is advisable that you book your accommodation sufficiently in advance. Before booking the accommodation you must ascertain the facilities available in the holiday homes and also their terms and conditions. If you are taking your kids or aged people with you for the holiday tour, then you should enquire and find out whether appropriate facilities are available for kids and aged people.


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